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Yes, privacy is worth the effort. Here’s why

When we advocate for privacy, we tend to concentrate on the negative consequences of privacy violations [56; 32; 19; 50]. These portrayals are extremely important, but they paint only one half of the picture. Privacy also brings about net-positive advantages for individuals and organizations. These advantages can act as powerful internal incentives, driving privacy adoption. A key addition to external incentives like regulation and public pressure.

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EU published an AI regulation proposal. Should we worry?

In late April, the European Commission laid out its vision of how AI technologies should be governed. The proposal meshes AI regulation with product safety rules, controls how AI systems should be developed and technically composed, introduces market supervision arrangements and gives the authorities wide-ranging powers to impose potentially crippling sanctions.

At first glance, the proposal seems quite a mouthful. It is complex, appears relatively heavy-handed and imposes a host of stringent requirements on developers. But is there really a reason to be worried?

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Authority is increasingly expressed algorithmically

AI is inconspicuously present in our everyday, guiding our engagement with the surrounding world. We should be talking more about how authority is embedded in these systems and how these systems affect us.

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Miten rakennetaan AI-valmis organisaatio ja miksi pian on pakko?

Jokaisen kasvuhaluisen yrityksen strategiassa on pian aikataulu, milloin organisaatio on AI-valmis – milloin yritys katsoo olevansa valmis tekoälyn laajaan käyttöön. Koska käsitteen merkitys tuntuu edelleen vaikealta hahmottaa, niin yritämme tässä kertoa, mitä AI-valmius meidän mielestämme tarkoittaa.

There is no responsible AI without governance

In Spring 2019, a student asked me about companies providing products or services for ethical AI. I couldn’t come up with anything by heart, and even a good old Google search let me down. Despite the numerous scientific articles and ethical AI guidelines published, practice-oriented solutions proved hard to find.