Outreach Activities

Here you can find the list of project outputs such as talks, media features and external blog posts.

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  • Anthropology + Technology Conference 2020. Workshop on “Sustainable AI and stratified analysis of AI’s social impact”, run by Solita’s Anna Metsäranta, Anni Ojajärvi, Antti Rannisto and Lasse Girs.

  • MIT CDOIQ 2021 web conference. Panel on “Building Trust in Personal Data Sharing across Data Spaces” moderated by Siili Solutions’ Sami Laine. Click to view the panel members.

  • Response-ability Summit 2021. Workshop on “Using Speculative Design to Shape Preferable Futures” by Siili Solutions’ Sanna Vainionpää, Promila Roydchoudhury-Koho and Andrea Vianello. Click here to view the recorded workshop.
  • AI Nordic 2021 Deepdive (AI Business Strategies 2021). Side talk/workshop on “How to design and develop Trustworthy AI – The role of Explainable AI (XAI)” by Siili Solutions’ Promila Roychoudhury-Koho and Andrea Vianello.

  • A meeting of minds – designing the AI of the future by Service Design Network 29.9.2022. Seminar/workshop on “Should we trust AI” by Siili Solutions’ Simon Robson and Andrea Vianello.
  • Response-ability Summit 2021. Talk by Antti Rannisto (Solita) on “Getting along with algorithms”
  • Teknologiateollisuus ry Seminar 2021. Presentation by Tuomas Granlund and Antti Rannisto (Solita) on “Trust for AI – human-machine interaction and cybersecurity”.
  • “Huippuseminaari” web conference organized by Sytyke ry 2021 (in Finnish). Presentation by Sami Laine (Siili Solutions) on “Miten tehdä tekoälystä luotettava: hyödyllinen, eettinen, lainmukainen ja auditoitava?”.
  • Haaga-Helia’s AI-TIE project “Tekoäly töissä” webinar series 2021 (in Finnish). Presentation by Sami Laine (Siili Solutions) on “TRUSTWORTHY AI: An approach to increase AI adoption and shared value”. In collaboration with My Data Global ry.
  • “Explaining AI” guest lecture by Sami Laine (Siili Solutions) for Lappeenranta University of Technology 2022.
  • NATO von Karman Horizon Scanning AI workshop 2022. Presentation by Anna Metsäranta (Solita) on “Future enablers of sustainable AI”.
  • “Defining organizational AI governance”, a research summary by Matti Mäntymäki (University of Turku). Published on the Montreal AI Ethics Institute website 19.6.2022. Click here to read the text.
  • A series of DATAVERSITY blog posts by Saara Hyvönen (DAIN Studios):
    1. “Angles of AI Ethics” 21.12.2021. Click here to read.
    2. “AI Ethics: Risk and Opportunity” 23.2.2022. Click here to read.
    3.  “AI Ethics in Action: Making the Black Box Transparent” 9.5.2022. Click here to read.
    4. “The Future of AI Ethics – AI Apocalypse or Robot Rights?” 5.8.2022. Click here to read.
    • HS Visio 11.4.2022: Tikittävä tekoälypommi. Solita’s Anna Metsäranta and UTU’s Teemu Birkstedt were interviewed for the article. (Article in Finnish and behind a paywall.)
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