The AIGA AI Governance Framework

Key premises


The AIGA AI Governance Framework is based on scientific work conducted as an academy-industry collaboration.

Citation: Mäntymäki, M., Minkkinen, M., Birkstedt, T., & Viljanen, M. (2022). Putting AI Ethics into Practice: The Hourglass Model of Organizational AI Governance (arXiv:2206.00335). arXiv.

Explore the AIGA AI Governance Framework

The AI governance framework consists of three layers: environmental, organizational and AI system. Each layers contains a set of governance components and processes linked to the AI system lifecycle.

The Hourglass Model

The Hourglass Model describes the overall structure of the AI Governance framework.

AI Governance Lifecycle

The AI governance tasks are mapped to the OECD’s AI system lifecycle framework.

Practical to-do list

The AIGA AI Governance Framework lists 67 tasks to support organizational AI governance.