Putting responsible AI into practice.

Responsible AI calls for governance

Algorithmic decision-making continues to increase in various domains.

At the same time, we are trusting algorithms with more and more complex decisions that may have life-changing consequences.

AI governance is a set of protocols to ensure the trustworthiness of algorithmic decision-making.

AIGA offers solutions for AI governance and auditing

Developing and maintaining responsible AI solutions is a complex task.

In AIGA, business leaders and researchers work together to deliver practical guidelines for ensuring high quality at every step of the process.

AIGA is a Co-Innovation project funded by Business Finland. The funding period is from 2020 to 2022.

The AIGA programme is a unique opportunity and a first-class partner network to study and develop governance models for AI as well as the services and the business ecosystem emerging around responsible AI.

Matti Mäntymäki

Principal investigator;
Associate professor,
Turku Scool of Economics

During my 25 years in the industry, I’ve never come across a project as interesting and current as AIGA that offers a significant competitiveness boost to the Finnish businesses. AI is a great driver for smart digitalization but requires exhaustive, high-class governance models to succeed.

Sami Masala

Executive Advisor,
Talent Base

There is an increasing EU-wide societal pressure to make decisions made by AI more transparent. This will create a market for solutions enabling executing responsible AI in practice.

Teemu Birkstedt

Professor of practice,
Turku Scool of Economics

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The AIGA consortium is coordinated by the University of Turku and funded by Business Finland.

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