Project partners

University of Turku

The University of Turku research team comprises researchers from Turku School of Economics (TSE), Faculty of Law, and Department of Future Technologies. The members of the core research team are senior researchers with track-record from obtaining and running industry-academia projects.

University of Helsinki

The University of Helsinki research team does research on empirical software engineering. In the previous projects, DevOps and continuous deployment have played an important role, and in AIGA we seek to put the experiences in service within the scope of ML/AI.

OP Financial Group

The OP Financial Group is one of the largest companies in the Finnish finance sector.

Finnish Tax Administration

Finnish Tax Administration (FTA) is one of the national authorities that are responsible for collecting and distributing taxes. FTA is the largest tax collector in Finland and serves several millions of customers ranging from individuals to large international corporations. FTA has a proven record of being at the forefront of digitalization in the Finnish public sector.


Solita’s services include strong human related aspects. Solita Design & Strategy conducts multidisciplinary work in the framework of design thinking to base innovation on a combination of human insight, business analysis and technological understanding. Solita’s growth strategy is based on a novel combination of multidisciplinary capabilities covering all phases of human-centric innovation.

DAIN Studios

DAIN Studios is a data and AI consultancy company with intensive experience in designing, deploying and developing end-to-end artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms across various business domains and industries, including telecommunications, real estate, banking, media, pharmaceuticals, fashion and transportation.

Siili Solutions

Siili operates on a full-lifecycle of digitalization development from business design to data and software engineering. Siili has created “Capabilities for Ethical Data Management” framework to point out conceptual data management capabilities that must be embedded to all data-driven business solutions.

Loihde Advisory

We are dedicated to creating success stories of the digital era. Loihde Advisory connects the power of data, technology, user experience and agile organisation to create sustainable competitive advantage for our clients. We serve major private and public organisations.


Aivan Innovations Oy is a software company whose primary service is Zefort contract management solution. Zefort is an AI-based cloud service that receives, processes and stores any types of contracts with minimal effort from the user.

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