Putting responsible AI into practice.

The AIGA programme is a unique opportunity and a first-class partner network to study and develop governance models for AI as well as the services and the business ecosystem emerging around responsible AI.

During my 25 years in the industry, I’ve never come across a project as interesting and current as AIGA that offers a significant competitiveness boost to the Finnish businesses. AI is a great driver for smart digitalization but requires exhaustive, high-class governance models to succeed.

There is an increasing EU-wide societal pressure to make decisions made by AI more transparent. This will create a market for solutions enabling executing responsible AI in practice.

Matti Mäntymäki

Principal Investigator;
Associate professor,
Turku School of Economics

Sami Masala

Chair of AIGA steering group;
Executive Advisor,
Loihde Advisory

Teemu Birkstedt

Professor of Practice,
Turku School of Economics

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The AIGA project activities include:

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The AIGA Partners

The AIGA consortium is funded by Business Finland and coordinated by the University of Turku.

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