AI Governance Bulletin 5/2021

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The bulletin features the latest news, events and initiatives linking to AI governance. We post weekly highlights to showcase the range of activities around AIGA’s core themes: explainability, transparency, system design and commercialization of responsible AI.

  • The EU’s market watch report on AI acknowledges the potential AI/ML business risks including data privacy, discrimination, black box issues, non-compliance and safety. In section 2.4 it is stated that “To thrive and reap the benefits of AI, organisations need to embrace building trusted and ethical AI today and adhere to a governance framework.”

    Read more: (published in 7/2020)
  • AIGA’s activities are also expanding to Germany. To identify the main similarities and differences between the two countries, AIGA’s researchers referred to the published AI Landscapes. These provide a quick overview of the type of companies operating in the field.

    Read more about the Finnish AI landscape:
    Read more about the German AI landscape: German AI-Startup Landscape: 2020 – appliedAI