AI Governance Bulletin 4/2021

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The bulletin features the latest news, events and initiatives linking to AI governance. We post weekly highlights to showcase the range of activities around AIGA’s core themes: explainability, transparency, system design and commercialization of responsible AI.

  • The Finnish Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment has been preparing an Artificial Intelligence 4.0 programme, and recently published an outlook on data economy. Titled “Strategic options for data-based value creation”, the report lists 8 recommendations to develop policies that support data-driven economic growth.

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  • AI auditing causes controversy and new solutions are needed. An algorithmic hiring company implied that an external audit showed its algorithms had no bias, but according to this story, the audits tell a different story and the case raises questions about the algorithmic auditing industry.

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  • An upcoming event: 
    What? Conference on Computers, Privacy & Data Protection (CPDP)
    When? January 27-29, 2021
    Where? Online
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