Samuli Laato rewarded with Early Career Award for AIGA study

Samuli Laato was rewarded on May 17th 2022 an Ivica Crnkovic Early Career award for a study published in the CAIN’22 conference. The co-authors of the paper “AI Governance in the System Development Life Cycle: Insights on Responsible Machine Learning Engineering” were AIGA collaborators Matti Mäntymäki, Matti Minkkinen and Teemu Birkstedt from the University of Turku and Tommi Mikkonen from the University of Helsinki.

The CAIN’22 conference combines artificial intelligence and software engineering, and the awardee was selected among the top-ranking publications with early career researcher as the first author. The award was given to commemorate Ivica Crnkociv, a loved and respected researcher in the field.

The award-winning study explores how AI governance is connected to system development life cycle models. Samuli and co-authors derived insights from 17 expert interviews, listing important checkpoints under the three main phases of system development life cycle: system design, system development and system operation. The authors conclude that the high-level conceptualization will support deeper integration of AI governance into software engineering workflows and lay foundations to which research-to-practise activities on the topic can build upon.

The AIGA consortium congratulates Samuli and co-authors for this achievement!

The full paper is available via ResearchGate.