T44. AI system impact minimization

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Task description

Minimizing the AI system impacts is an important phase in sustainable AI system development and deployment. Minimizing the impacts requires first that the potential impacts are analyzed and appropriate measures are taken to eliminate or reduce adverse impacts where possible. Second, minimization requires that the organization mitigates the effects of the adverse impacts that it cannot eliminate or, third, manages their consequences.

To arrive at an acceptable AI system impact, the AI System Owner should ensure that the organization
1) conducts a thorough analysis of potential impacts the system may have on its users, subjects or affected parties, or the environment,
2) develops and implements a risk minimization plan.

The risk minimization plan should be designed to guarantee that the AI systems are acceptable and aligned with the organization’s values and risk tolerance.
The risk minimization plan should outline
1) appropriate measures to eliminate adverse impacts to the extent possible,
2) appropriate measures to reduce adverse impacts that cannot be eliminated,
3) appropriate measures to mitigate the effects of the residual adverse impacts, and
4) appropriate measures to manage the adverse impacts that cannot be mitigated.