T60. Regulatory canvassing

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Task description

AI systems are typically subject to a variety of regulatory instruments that may force particular design choices, constrain functionalities, or in extreme cases make implementing a specific design, use case, or business model impossible. Understanding the regulatory environment is, consequently, important to prevent misplaced investments.

To develop a preliminary understanding of the AI system regulatory environment, the AI System Owner should ensure that the organization conducts a regulatory environment canvassing. The regulatory canvassing provides the organization with basic information on the regulatory environment in which the AI system will be used.

The canvassing should ensure that laws and regulations that may affect the AI system are identified and reviewed. The canvassing should develop a knowledge base of the contents of the primary regulatory instruments and key constraints that could affect AI system design and operations. All parties active in developing or implementing an AI system within the organization should be aware of the findings of the canvassing process.